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Rose Smell Indian Incense Coil

$ 15.37 $ 29.99


Material: Wood
Type: Stick Incense
Wood Type:Agarwood


A study from an international team of scientists has discovered how burning frankincense (resin from the Boswellia plant) activates poorly understood ion channels in the brain that alleviate anxiety or depression.
◆Whether it is during study or at work, the use of specific incenses enables clear thinking and helps in developing a state of complete awareness.
◆Incense has long been used by religious and spiritual leaders to purify the air and the soul. Certain incense smoke has antibacterial, fungicidal, and insecticidal properties and, therefore, really does purify the air.

Package Includes

1 x Rose Smell Indian Incense Coil

Please allow 2-3 weeks for the product to arrive.


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