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5 Pack Incense Bags

$ 27.37 $ 39.99

Item specifics:
Material:Flower & Bud
Color:Multi color in one pack
Size:7.5*7.5*11.5cm / pack
Feature:A bag of dried lavender plastic bag
Flaver:Lilac,black cherry,grass,Musk, grapefruit
Application Scene:Car
Scent:Hyacinthus Orientalis
Type:Aromatherapy desiccant sachet
Classification:Aroma Only for Automobile

◆Reputable natural fragrance brands, such as Florascent, offer hypoallergenic perfume which allow people with skin sensitivity to enjoy wearing luxury fragrances without compromising on quality or ethics.
◆You don’t want to be breathing toxic fumes, artificial fragrances, and yucky junk when practicing yoga.
◆Different scents from Fruits and Botanical.

Package included:
5 x Packs

Please allow 2-3 weeks for the product to arrive.

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